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Annual Tennessee Williams Short Story & Poetry Contests

The Key West Art & Historical Society invites poets and writers to submit original works to the annual Tennessee Williams Poetry and Short Story Writing Contests which open on January 7, 2024.  Submissions must be received by midnight on March 10, 2024.

There is no specific theme for the 2024 writing contests, however, entries must in some way reference Tennessee Williams.  Poets and authors may choose to reference Williams, his family, one of his characters, or one of the actors/actresses who played a role in his plays or films.  First-place winners will be awarded a $300 prize while  second-place winners will receive a $150 prize.  

tennessee-williams-desk NYC age 31.jpg

2024 Tennessee Williams Poetry Contest Winners

sponsored by Martha Robinson

2024 Tennessee Williams Short Story Contest Winners

sponsored by Laurie McChesney
tennessee-williams-desk NYC age 31.jpg
tennessee-williams-desk NYC age 31.jpg

2024 Tennessee Williams Student Short Story & Poetry Contests

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